5 Juicy Facts About The Benagil Cave

Once a secret haunt for local fishermen, Benagil sea cave is now a modern phenomenon for ultra-curious tourists.
Nicknamed “Cathedral” for its colossal cavernous shape, Benagil Cave is an irresistible attraction to visitors in the Algarve region.

Read on to find out why.

Important Update (September 10, 2023): Changes in Cave Access

In recent developments regarding the Benagil Cave, we have some important news to share. As of September 10, 2023, the rules for experiencing this natural wonder have been significantly altered for security reasons.

One notable change is that kayaks, swimmers, bodyboards, and stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are no longer allowed inside the cave. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the first fact mentioned in this article, which pertains to cave access, is no longer accurate.

However, there is still some good news to share! While access by kayaks, swimmers, bodyboards, and SUPs has been restricted, access by boats is still permitted for the time being.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the updated facts about the Benagil Cave that continue to make it an intriguing destination for visitors.

1) Yes! You Can Swim into the Benagil Cave

Because it’s a sea cave, obviously, you can only reach the Benagil Cave by water. Whether by kayak, standup paddle board (SUP), or boat tour.
But it’s only Algarve Beauties that provide you with a Benagil cave tour by bodyboard.
And led by a super experienced tour guide who has run thousands of successful Benagil tours, you’re guaranteed a swim of a lifetime into one of the most beautiful beaches on the Algarve coast.
The swim takes 10 minutes from the mainland Benagil beach to the cave shore.
Meet new people or go with your friends on our daily or private tours to the Algarve's most famous sea cave
Algarve Beauties photographer: @julianaa_8

2) Benagil Cave is Famous for Raw Natural Beauty

There’s going to the beach, then there’s going to the Benagil Cave.
One lungful of air lingers as fresh as the icy Atlantic Ocean.
Its distant roar sounds like a seashell pressed to your ear.
Your still-wet skin prickles from the swim, until you step into a downpour of sunlight on the golden sand.
In the bright sun, you spot swirls of yellow and beige miocene limestone that point to Benagil’s ancient past.
All the while, a film of salty sea water pours past your ankles, licking the top of the cave beach.
The ragged walls scratch your fingers where an invisible force once sculpted solid rock.
Surrounded, you sense nature’s utter power with every inch of your body. 
So it’s unsurprising that no one wants to skip this simply stunning cave.
Benagil Cave is Famous for Raw Natural Beauty
Photo by Fred Rivett on Unsplash

3) It Was Formed When a Supercontinent Drifted Apart

When you’re standing inside the Benagil Cave, it’s crazy to imagine how it grew from a teeny-tiny crack in the rock to a gigantic cavern that fits hundreds of tourists between its walls.

So let’s leap back in time to the prehistoric Mesozoic era and the most interesting fact of them all: Benagil Cave’s rock formation.

Closer to a world once dominated by dinosaurs, the planet’s 300-million-year-old supercontinent – ⁠Pangaea ⁠– ⁠shattered into the map of the world as we know it today.

New continents were formed and with them, cracks, cavities, and exposed limestone cliffs. Rainwater helped dissolve Benagil’s solid roof, while fierce waves formed the arches you’ll swim through on your Benagil Cave tour. And its rounded cave walls? Carved by swirling rocks in the surf break.
Weakened over millions of years, these impact zones became sea caves. But erosion continues on and on. And one day, Benagil Cave will disappear with the coast forever. 

So there is no time like the present: it really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
The benagil cave was created because of the tectonic changes
find out more: https://www.geologypage.com/

4) Benagil Cave is Only a 40-Minute Drive From Faro

Despite being in the middle of the Algarve region in southern Portugal, the Benagil Cave is easy-to-reach by van.

A 40-minute drive on the A22 from Faro takes you past Armação de Pêra, bringing you within reach of the westerly Praia da Rocha. 

With easy access to a stunning beach and tell-tale limestone rock formation, Praia da Marinha and Algar Seco, a tour to Benagil Cave demands more than one beauty spot on the itinerary.
And rather than staying out of town for a steep price, you can be next to the action in the Algarve capital, Faro. Saving your euros for the epic activities worth your time.
The famous Algarve BEauties Yellow Mini Bus touring from Faro to the Benagil caves since 2018
Algarve Beauties photographer: @julianaa_8

5) It's One of the Prettiest Places for Photos in the Algarve

It’s impossible not to whip out your camera once you’re inside the Benagil Cave.

With a gold spotlight on the sand, Benagil is a worthy studio for photographers on-the-hunt for a super beautiful beach.

Whether you want an epic photo under the heaven-high roof, an aerial shot of Benagil’s azure glow, or an unforgettable pose with your crew, this sea cave is a dream for amateurs and pros alike.

That’s why an Algarve Beauties tour brings your essential gear – phones or cameras – in a special watertight bag made for the swim and kept safe by your tour guide (who also doubles up as your incredible photographer).

Inside the beautiful Benagil cave where our tour guide will help take the money shot
Algarve Beauties photographer: @julianaa_8

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