How to Get From Albufeira to Benagil Cave


One of Portugal’s 7 natural wonders easily reached from the coast, an Algarve holiday demands you visit the Benagil Cave.

But how to get to Benagil Caves from Albufeira?

Read on for a breakdown of your best travel options.

Albufeira to Benagil Cave Is Easy
Photo by Matthew Buchanan
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Where is the Benagil Cave?

In sunny southern Portugal, the Benagil sea cave is eighteen kilometres from Albufeira in the central Algarve.

Hidden directly below the Benagil village, it’s a long-gone secret visited by thousands of people daily who come from towns on the Algarve coast, like Albufeira, Armação de Pêra, and even Faro.

It’s only a 10-minute swim from the nearby Benagil beach.

How to get from Albufeira to Benagil Cave guide
Photo by Jo Kassis

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

With 300 summery days every year, visits can be a year-round activity.

If you prefer a quieter cave beach, go in April or October.

If you’re a sun worshipper, you’ve got the whole summer to enjoy this beautiful cave but be warned, it can get very busy.

Algarve Beauties Benagil Cave tour experience from faro .
Photo by Jo Kassis

All Your Travel Options From Albufeira to Benagil Cave

Now that you have decided you want to visit the sea cave, we’re delighted to present all the options you have to get from Albufeira to Benagil cave.

1. Walk to Benagil Cave

It’s true – you can’t walk inside the Benagil Cave because it’s a sea cave buried in the cliffside.

However, you can walk along the clifftop to the Benagil Cave’s roof which, with care, allows you to peer down inside the cave to its beach.

Why Walk to the Benagil Cave

The Algarve’s coastal region gives spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and its rock formations from the Seven Hanging Valley’s Trail.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, you should consider taking a walk on the wild side.

The 6 kilometre path starts at Vale Centianes and finishes at Praia da Marinha, giving you the opportunity to glimpse the famous cave from above.


From Marinha Beach, you can walk west along a coastal path to the Benagil Cave.

Or, if you’re coming from the east follow the road up to the Benagil car park.

Duck under a wooden fence, off the track, and you’ll find the Benagil Cave’s open roof.

You’ll enjoy this privileged cave view as part of your Benagil Cave tour.

There are some stunning cliff to see when visiting the benagil cave from Albufeira
Photo by AlgarveOK

Major Downsides From Walking To The Benagil Cave From Albufeira

Walking to the Benagil Cave is only relaxing up to a point.

Because you have to solve your travel from Albufeira and book a tour from the Benagil beach to reach the hidden cave beach.

And that’s only one way.


Free with hidden costs

There's some incredible health benefits to walk from Albufeira to Benagil Cave
Photo by Tino Rischawy

2. Travel by Bus

Though you can take the bus to the Benagil Cave, we wouldn’t recommend it. Here’s why.


One option takes 1 hour and 25 minutes but leaves around 13:00h, with hit-and-miss options throughout the week, many of which expect you to walk to the hidden beach.

Our Least Recommended Way to Get To The Benagil Cave From Albufeira

When you reach the fishing village, you’ll need to organise a separate Benagil cave sea tour because you can’t walk inside the Benagil Cave.

Spare yourself the pain of public transport by booking a tour.

Click here to see our options.


If you are adament on taking the Bus, price to vary so please ask at Albufeira Bus Station ticket office.

Card and cash accepted.

Bus Ride From Albufeira to benagil cave is not that simple
Photo by Andre Moura

3. Get to Benagil By Car

One option is to go by car from Albufeira on the Algarve coastline where you can easily hire a car for a day trip.

Why Choose Car Travel

Car travel is one of your easiest options when on a holiday in the Algarve Portugal. In Albufeira alone, you have loads of car rental agencies.

Besides a 4-seater car for €50.00 daily at Europcar, you might be able to pay less with online booking websites.

The Route

Via the A22 and N25 roads in the Algarve region, the fastest journey takes 35 minutes.

But obviously, you can’t drive inside the Benagil Cave.

You’ll have to park near to the Benagil Beach on the mainland and take a separate tour with one of the many guided tours to the sea cave.

View our suggestions of tours from Benagil Beach here.

Major Downsides

Despite being a popular choice for holidayers trying to reach the famous Benagil cave, driving has its downsides too.

Maybe you’re not keen driving in a foreign country where you don’t know the road rules, or can’t afford the extra costs charged by car hire companies.

Maybe you want a guided tour on your carless holiday.


Starting from €33 per day

Algarve Beauties Benagil Cave tour experience from faro .
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Are You Based In Faro?

4. Travel From Albufeira to Benagil With A Tour Operator

You’re spoilt for choice with Benagil Tour providers from Albufeira Marina, which include cruises and catamarans and so much more.

We’ve highlighted some of our favourites down below.

Or you can see all our suggestions of tours from Albufeira to Benagil cave here.

A Quiet Benagil Cave Can be seen in the early hours of the day
Photo by Stephane Hurbe

Visit the Cave By Boat Tour

Why Choose a Boat Tour

Explore the Algarve’s epic coastal landscape in a boat tour to the Benagil Cave from Albufeira.

From the ocean, the Benagil Cave, jade-tinged water and ochre limestone are picture-perfect opportunities to capture new memories.

The Route

On a built-for-speed boat, you’ll leave Albufeira’s beautiful beaches, spotting São Rafael and Marinha Beach along the way, till Lagoa’s coast.

Weave between ancient stumps, arches and the Algarve caves with a seasoned skipper who’ll entertain you with fascinating marine stories.

For the finishing touch, you’ll take a delicious ocean dip before heading back to the marina.

Get a boat tour from Albufeira to Benagil Cave and explore the beauty of the coast the easiest way possible
Photo by Kelly GASTIGAR

Where to Book:
You can book a boat tour from Albufeira on the Algarve Beauties website where the best tours are carefully selected for you.

Check it out now.

You can easily find tours from €35.00 per person.

Visit the Cave With A Kayak or Paddle Board

From Albufeira Marina to the Benagil Cave, you can travel on a boat alongside kayaks and paddle boards. Ideal if you have a taste for adventure.

Why Choose a Paddle Board or Kayak Tour
Get unlimited access to Lagoa’s glowing beaches, grottos and caves as part of a kayak or SUP tour.
Gliding on the glittering ocean is a magical feeling akin to flying.
You can sail solo in a single kayak or share with a second person, depending on the group demand.

Starting from the Marina, you’ll board a boat packed with your kayak, paddle board and safety gear, guided by a local expert.
You’ll whip by popular landmarks like Gale Beach and Marinha Beach during a 40-minute journey.
Once you arrive, you’ll undock into the sparkling Atlantic for the first part of your adventure.
Sail under ancient arches too tight for big boats; reach exquisite beaches by paddle; immerse yourself in raw nature. And enjoy a specialised tour of the rock formations, even reaching the Benagil Cave beach whilst the boats linger outside.

Some kayak and SUP tours offer a refreshing drink to cool you down, after taking a dip in the ocean, before returning to Albufeira.

One of the best ways to visit the benagil cave from Albufeira is using a Stand Up Paddle to explore all the little corners of the rocky formations
Photo by Max Zed on Unsplash

Our Personal Recommendation
“Steering a kayak between the squiggly rock formations felt surreal, especially when we arrived in the huge Benagil Cave.
You go from being warm to chilly in a matter of seconds! Our tour leader made sure everyone in the group had the time of their lives. We certainly did.”

Where to Book
You can book a kayak or SUP tour from Albufeira on the Algarve Beauties website where the best tours are carefully selected for you.

View Our Suggestions Here

Starts from €45.00 per person

Conclusion On How To Get From Albufeira to Benagil Cave

Visiting Benagil is so easy, don’t you think

Whether you prefer to drive your own car, walk past hidden caves or make memories with one of Algarve Beauties’ recommended tours from Albufeira, decide how you want to travel to the secret beach.

But if you still can’t find an option to fit your schedule, don’t worry.
You can get to the Benagil Caves from Faro because Algarve Beauties offers a bodyboarding tour from Faro Marina.

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