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Our mission at Algarve Beauties is to make visiting the Benagil Cave and the Algarve Coast a hassle-free experience.
Find out below from where you can you visit this marvelous Natural Wonder.

Visit The Benagil Cave With Algarve Beauties

Not only do we suggest the best tours to the Benagil Cave we also provide our own tour from Faro.

Want to explore the Algarve’s sun-soaked beautiful coast but don’t have a ride?

Are the queues for renting kayaks and SUPs interminably long?

Do the small boats feel crammed and unhelpful for the environment? 

Whether you’re flying solo, in a group of two or moving with the herd–we’ve got your back.

So all you need to do is show up and we will look after getting you to the “Grutas de Benagil”.

Our daily tours cater to small and large groups.







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Algarve Beauties Benagil Cave tour experience from faro .

Benagil Cave Closed

Breaking News. Benagil Cave CLOSED!.
Access and entrance to the cave has been denied for canoes, kayaks and SUPs. Find out more here.

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Algarve Beauties Benagil Cave tour experience from faro .

The Ultimate Lagos to Benagil Cave Travel Planner

How to get to Benagil Caves from Lagos?
It’s exactly why we’ve created The Ultimate Lagos to Benagil Cave Travel Planner to enrich your holiday.
Browse through our breakdown of select routes, prices and need-to-knows for a smoother journey.

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New Rules - New Tour

Authorities have closed the Benagil Cave until further notice.

We’ve got an alternative adventure just as fun and you still get to see the cave.