Private Benagil Cave Tour

An unforgettable day out with your favourites

A one of a kind private Benagil cave tour

Do you want to explore the heart of Benagil’s coast with your favourite people?

Are you looking for a tangible tour experience that takes it to a whole new level? 

Tired of organising group activities only to discover there isn’t enough room for you?

Our bodyboarding tour for private groups takes you up close and personal to the Benagil Sea Cave from Faro and other famous Algarvian locations.

So you can swim into a 20-million-year-old sea cave with the whole squad.Worth it? We think so too. Scroll down to find out more and get a taste of your tour here.

What You Can Expect

Our private Benagil cave tours are a unique opportunity for you and your group to discover some of the most beautiful parts of the Algarve hassle-free.

Witness the cave’s beauty for yourself, get lost in the otherworldly Algar Seco, swim and sunbathe to your heart’s content at the famous Marinha Beach. 

Forget small talk with a bunch of strangers. This is your chance to have loads of fun with people who know you.

Vamos bora! Let’s go!

An unforgettable and unmissable private tours

Your Group Tour Itinerary

Your private tour guide will be waiting for you in Faro. We’ll be parked besides the Creperia (opposite McDonalds) in our iconic yellow mini bus.

If you’re staying in the city of Faro/ the Faro region, you can count on us to pick you up from your accommodation.

After a short journey via mini bus to the Benagil coast, your tour will kickoff with a stunning visit of Algar Seco and the Carvoeiro Boardwalk.

Bask in thousand-year-old rock formations sculpted by natural forces. Gaze at a brilliant blue ocean that’s travelled all the way from the Antartic to you.

Next, you’ll explore the famous “A Boneca” (the doll) cave for fun photos (courtesy of your tour guide!)

Before leaving land for the main attraction, you’ll get the chance to peer at Benagil Cave from above.

Join a handful of visitors who will discover an utterly different perspective.

Now for your sea adventure!

Before entering the water, your private tour guide will show you how to use your equipment in a thorough safety demo. So even first-timers will feel at ease in the water. 

Once ready, you’ll start a short and safe swim towards the Benagil Cave.

As you set foot on its sandy shores, you’ll get plenty of time to explore the caves and rock formations.

Now’s your chance to take some amazing photos that will get a few eye rolls from your friends/ that your friends will hate you for.

Our guide will be ready to capture you having the time of your life.

On an Algarve Beauties tour, we believe that visiting the Benagil Cave and the Marinha Beach in one day is a no-brainer.

Two of the most beautiful beaches deserve to be seen together, right? We’ll leave it up to you to decide which is your favourite!

Discover why Praia de Marinha is Portugal’s most mesmerizing beach. Book your private group tour today.

As your Benagil adventure comes to an end, you and your group will return to Faro with your best memories yet.

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