Benagil Cliff Walk A Must Do in the Algarve


Part of the the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, the Benagil Cliff Walk is your best chance of seeing some of the Algarve’s most stunning scenery at a leisurely pace.

Like the Benagil Cave sealed inside its own world; a breathtaking perspective from the marked trail.

Join us for a sneak peek of what to expect on your Benagil Cliff Walk without breaking a sweat.

The Incredible Benagil Cliff Walk
Photo by Lukas Šakys
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Where and What is the Benagil Cliff Walk?

It’s an eastern section of the longer Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, otherwise known as “Sete Vales Suspenso” in Portuguese.

It’s one of the Algarve’s more popular areas for its notable coastal landmarks.

In less than one hour, you’ll march above a hollow landscape carved by fresh water and saltwater forces, with some paths zigzagging down to the beautiful beaches.

How Long is it Compared to the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail

It’s one section of the linear hike that is the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail.

Whilst it takes three hours to complete, the Cliff Walk is only 40 minutes long.

It’s the perfect compromise for people who want to take a million photos without fretting about the time.

On the benagil cliff walk you get to see the Benagil cave from above
Photo by Mo Eid

See the Algarve Coastline's Best Sites on the Trail

On your expedition, there are five gorgeous sites that might slow you down.

1. Algar Seco

A Swiss-cheesed landscape carved by natural forces, Algar Seco is made up of a labyrinth of walkways overlooking the Atlantic.

Its most famous feature is Boneca’s Cave, a tiny tunnel leading up to a keyhole-like window.

Only those who’ve visited know its stunning view, and some have even glimpsed dolphins and whales!

It’s from here where many tourists start their shortened coastal walk.

Witness Unique Rock Formations During This Adventure at Algar Seco
Photo taken of Algar Seco on the Algarve Beauties Tour

2. Benagil Beach

The closest sandy beach to the sea cave, Benagil’s connection with the ocean began in a time when the only boats you’d see belonged to fisherfolk and their nets.

Once discovered, it became a honeypot for tour boats taking tourists to visit the famous Benagil Cave, and then boards and kayaks joined too.

Nowadays, both are banned from entering the cave.

Algarve Beauties Benagil Cave tour experience from faro .
Photo by Marco Da Silva on Unsplash

3. Benagil Cave

Only seen from the path, the Benagil Cave is a phenomenon resulting from years of endless coastal erosion.

Though you can’t enter the sea cave, you can appreciate its aquamarine beauty from a safe distance above.

A Benagil Cave Tour From Faro with amazing top down views
Photo taken of The Benagil Cave on the Algarve Beauties Tour

4. Praia da Corredoura

Praia da Corredoura is an exclusive beach accessible only by sea transport.

For this reason, it’s the perfect beach on which to escape the summer crowds.

In autumn, you’ll have a paradise to yourself.

Praia da Corredoura is visible to any explorer on the Benagil Cliff Walk
Photo by Alesia Kozik

5. Marinha Beach

Voted one of 100 most beautiful beaches in the world because of its jewel seas and striped rock formations, Marinha Beach is the crowning glory on a trail with so much to see.

The so-called “M Rock” draws crowds seeking its secret symbolism: will you see a letter, an elephant or a heart?

Whilst it’s impossible to ignore a swim as blue-green as the tropics.

Marinha Beach View on the Benagil Cliff Walk
Photo by Jo Kassis

Are You Looking For A Tour To Benagil?

In Comparison with Other Algarve Locations

You can get to the Benagil Cliff Walk from multiple locations in the Algarve. Let’s look at your two best options.

From Lagos

A popular holiday destination for holidaymakers in the Algarve, Lagos is a 40-minute drive away from the Benagil Cliff Walk.

Travel By Bus

For those who want to save on the cab fare, you can take the 56 or 57 bus from Lagos to Lagoa and from there, hop on a 107 to Carvoeiro (Amoreiras).

From here, the trail is less than ten minutes by walking.

You can also check out our Lagos to Benagil Cave travel planner here.

Travel By Uber

You’ll pay between 20-26 euros one-way with an Uber ride.

Though it’s easy to pick up an uber from Lagos, you might be waiting for much longer on your return journey back to town after walking the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail.

It gives your day trip a stressful edge, with less time to enjoy the trail.

Travel By Foot

Start treading the trail from Carvoeiro Beach along its boardwalk, and you’ll reach the Benagil area.

It’s an extra 25-minute walk prior to starting your Benagil Cliff Walk.

But if you’re a keen hiker, exploring the beautiful coastline shouldn’t be a problem.

Do the benagil cliff walk from Lagos
Photo by Max Zed on Unsplash

From Faro

If you don’t want to overdo your exercise, you can still enjoy some of the Seven Hanging Valleys by choosing a quicker route from the popular holiday destination, Faro.

Travel By Uber

In an Uber taxi from Faro, you’re looking at a single journey that costs between 45-90 euros depending on the size of your group doing the Seven Hanging Valleys hike.

Travel By Bus

With public transport combinations taking you anywhere between 2-3 hours to reach the Hanging Valley, we recommend skipping this option altogether in favour of a tour from Faro.

Travel By Tour

The ease of leaving from Faro is Algarve Beauties’ speciality, offering a specific Coast Adventure that covers the best parts of the Benagil Cliff Walk.

So instead of feeling cheated by the bill, you’ll pay an affordable price of 51 euros for two journeys and a guided tour with spectacular views. Such as discovering Boneca’s Cave, admiring the Benagil Cave from above, and plunging into the sea at Marinha Beach.

Benagil Cliff Walk From Faro

Can you visit the Benagil Cave?

In past times, you could swim inside the Benagil Cave but since September, it’s forbidden to enter inside on a kayak or board of any kind.

A New Kind of Benagil Cave Experience

Now you can only take a boat tour to the Benagil Cave from popular locations, such as Lagos, Carvoeiro, and the Benagil Beach, where you must stay onboard at all times.

Weather conditions affect whether boats can sail, or not.

Or, you can visit the cave freely by enjoying the untouched cave beach from the Benagil Cliff Walk.

This change of rules is to safeguard visitors from potential accidents.

You can read more about the Benagil Cave closure in our latest blog.

Algarve Beauties Benagil Cave tour experience from faro .
Photo by Reiseuhu on Unsplash

What You Can Actually See When on the Benagil Cliff Walk

Get ready for loads of stunning scenery that is typical of Portugal’s Mediterranean climate.

Besides blonde beaches round every corner, you’ll spy everything that comes with the landscape.

Like the colourful, traditional fishing boats just waiting to be papped, and the glowing Miocene rock formations, like scattered arches, hidden caves and limestone islets, pointing to a long-lost coastline.

While the trail – a mecca for bird watchers – sees swooping swallows, birds of prey, drifting seagulls, and the red-eyed Sardinian warbler.

Come Prepared for a Coastal Walk

Get the most out of your hike by bringing the right gear.

Comfortable walking shoes, such as hiking boots or trainers, are essential for enjoying the coastal cliff and its gems – leave your flip flops at home!

Beat the fierce Mediterranean sun with sunscreen and a hat. While a swimsuit and a towel are must-haves for the Algarve coast. And of course, pack snacks or cash for refreshments so you don’t starve.

As with everything, surrender to your sense of adventure for the best experience.

Algarve Beauties Benagil Cave tour experience from faro .
Photo by Tino Rischawy

Conclusion On The Benagil Cliff Walk - A Must Do in the Algarve

With loads to squeeze into one day, an Algarve Beauties tour from Faro is the tried and trusted option for an epic Benagil Cliff Walk.

Whether you prefer to go with a group of friends, a group of strangers, or want to tailor your own tour, we’ve got you covered.
Ready for an adventure like no other?

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